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Mark Schumacher

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About Mark

Mark SchumacherAdmittedly, Mark is a transplanted Yankee that found his way to Greenville and plans to never leave. He and his wife and kids have been in the South over 15 years and thoroughly enjoy living life here. Ever since then Mark has been showing retirees how to strengthen their retirement income plan using their home equity. “Our clients are often very surprised by how we can safely and effectively help them reach their retirement goals simply by engaging an otherwise dormant asset, their house.”
The Upstate is also a fantastic place to retire to. It’s scenic with a moderate climate that still has 4 seasons and is very desirable with a lot going on. Low property taxes and general low cost of living makes it practical as well. In his free time Mark enjoys getting outdoors with his family, playing tennis, biking, and hiking, and hopefully someday will develop his mother’s amazing gardening skills.


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Mark Schumacher services the areas of Greenville, Overbrook, Parker, Berea, South Carolina.

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